A Brief Moment of History: When People Posted Babies

Even in our digital age, people still send post. We’ll send cards at Christmas, birthday presents to distant relatives, or maybe love letters to our sweetheart in an attempt to relive a simpler age. But around 100 years ago, it wasn’t unheard of to receive something a little different in the post: children. You heard... Continue Reading →


An Interview With: Jill Campbell – Knebworth House Archives

Today we continue our interview series by talking to Jill Campbell who works in the archives at Knebworth House, a historic house in Hertfordshire. If you or your organisation would like to be interviewed, then please leave a comment below, or contact our page via our Facebook or Twitter. You can find Jill on twitter here, and please follow... Continue Reading →

Medieval Marginalia: At It Like Rabbits

The pages of medieval manuscripts might be something that sounds very boring, but for those in the know, they read more like fantastical comic books. Pages upon pages of doodles in the margins showing imaginary creatures, hybrid animals, people doing all manner of activities, and many, many animals. A few months ago, I wrote about... Continue Reading →

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